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2017 Madden Championship Winner Crowned

2017 Madden Championship

With a $500,000 prize pool, 32 competitors battled to get a shot at being crowned the 2017 Madden Champion.

Bringing Home The Gold

After three weeks of playing Madden, 32 players became 8. Be sure to watch the Group Stage highlights for A-D and E-H.

Group StandingsThe finals were held this past weekend in Burbank, CA pitting several of the best remaining in four solid Madden match ups. Skimbo took on Los in the first match followed by Spotmeplzzz and Young Kiv. Boogz battled Joke while Problem put his skills on display against Volterax.

Both Problem and Skimbo came away with victories by a touchdown and some change. On the other side, Joke and Spotmeplzzz won by a three-point lead. In the March 14 semi-finals, Skimbo continued to show dominance with wining by two full TDs and PATs. While Problem secured victory, Joke gave the G.O.A.T a run for his money losing by only one point. With weeks of competitive Madden action behind us, we were finally down to two competitors.

The Legend vs The #1 Player in the World

Problem and Skimbo met in the finals for the 2017 Madden Championship. Immediately from the outset, Skimbo came on strong showing why he is an offensive specialist. Despite Problem’s legendary defense, Skimbo struck first by using Moss to get into the Red-Zone and followed it up with a run from Ricky Williams.  The first quarter closed with a 7-0 lead by Skimbo.

Early in the second quarter, Skimbo put problem down by two possessions. Despite the deficit, Problem adjusted and closed the gap with two field goals by the end of the first half.


Problem remained relentless in the beginning of the second half. Keeping the ball out of Skimbo’s hands, Problem went to the top with a pass down the middle to Chad Johnson closing the gap and taking the lead by 2. A follow-up PAT put the score 10-13 Problem. For the majority of the third quarter, Problem shutdown Randy Moss by putting Deion Sanders on the coverage. This would cause problems (ha) for Skimbo as his deep pass game would have to be adjusted. Those adjustments came in the form of a 46 yard bomb touchdown to Demaryius Thomas. Problem turned the game right back and answered Skimbo with a kick return for a TD by Deion Sanders. With a PAT to top if off, the score sat 17-20 Problem at the end of the third quarter.

At the top of the fourth, Skimbo returned to Randy Moss moving the ball deep just shy of the Red-Zone. Problem responded with an interception and began working the clock in his favor. Using his legendary time management, Problem moved the ball up field while letting the clock rundown. At the two-minute mark, Skimbo had to pull out magic. Forcing Problem to punt, Skimbo now needed 80 yards to take the game and did just that. With another bomb to Thomas and a follow up PAT, Skimbo took the lead by four points with 48 seconds on the clock. Problem’s back was now against the wall.

Despite coming within 21 yards of the touchdown zone, Skimbo managed to stop the pass game to win his first Madden Championship.

Congratulations Michael Skimbo!

Skimbo Victorious
Skimbo Victorious!

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