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Axis Football 2021 Gameplay Trailer First Look

After giving fans a look at customization and gameplay features, the folks over at Axis are back to give gamers a first look at Axis Football 2021 gameplay in motion. This year’s offering brings more stadiums, gameplay enhancements, an all new team suite, and more. Not to mention, additions to its fan-favorite Franchise mode. Give the trailer a look below.

Axis Football 2021 Official Gameplay Trailer

In addition, the trailer also reveals a new American Pro League setup with adjustable conferences and divisions. As well as, the ability to see individual, season, and all-time leaders in the Hall of Records.

Full List of Gameplay Features

Here’s the complete list of gameplay features coming to this year’s game:

  • A complete (NFL-style) overtime rule set complete with a coin toss.
  • Touchdown and play celebrations.
  • Dozens of new animations and smoother gameplay.
  • Field flipping: the offense will now drive both directions on the field.
  • Redesigned AI play-calling and clock management.
  • Before and after the play player movement (walking to and from huddle).
  • Team Play-Calling Strategy Editor: change which types of plays are called on a variety of downs and distances.
  • Kick returners and punt returners can now be set on the depth chart.
  • Loads of new animations for QB, linemen, backs, receivers, and defenders.
  • Added logic to throw receivers open.
  • New stat tracking: including yards after catch, tackles for loss, return stats, and more!
  • New stadiums: including Arizona, Dallas, and Detroit.

Axis Games’ latest football title is set to arrive late August on Steam. Whereas Xbox and PlayStation console owners can expect the game to drop in September.

How are you feeling about the latest trailer for Axis Football? Additionally, what’s your favorite new feature coming to the game? Leave a comment and let us know! Stay tuned to Sports Gamers Online for all the latest on Axis Football 2021 and more.

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