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SB Nation breaks Madden 15 yet again..


The guys over at SB Nation have managed to Break Madden 15 yet again. Taking the input of over 3,000 internet fans to control Marshawn Lynch to run over and through 160lb created Chiefs players:


1. I will play a game of Madden as the Seahawks, and I’ll play against the Chiefs, their Week 11 opponents.
2. Every offensive play I call will be a run play that gives the ball to Marshawn Lynch.
3. I will never touch the left thumbstick on the controller. That is the one that, uh, makes your guy run.
4. I will only press randomly-selected buttons from the form you filled out.

“No left stick is necessary; our friends on the Chiefs are doing the work for us. These little fellas never bring down Beast Mode on the first try, and when they touch him, they trigger an automatic “shed tackle” response, and Marshawn trots a few yards upfield. It’s like riding a wave.

As such, this is a profoundly weird-ass game, right? The other team serves to help us, and is basically on our side. With our dissonant and often-destructive button-mashing, we’re actually our own opponents. This is confusing. Do we even want to win this game? In retrospect, I wish I’d asked that question in the form.

Lordy, this is so stupid.

Anyway, I did ask you folks to explain why you pressed the button you pressed. So when a play completely went to shit, I at least had some closure.

Sometimes the precision dive was just a dive. Valued Internet subscriber Untilitkillsyou did not pull off the precision dive he wanted, but he did manage to sabotage our efforts.

People loved hitting the dive button. I don’t know why. So many times, the makings of something good would be promptly destroyed because someone demanded I hit X.”

via SB Nation

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