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College Football Mod 19 Demo Released For Madden 19 PC Players

For some time, the sports gaming community has largely been left without a college ball experience. This was in part due to legal matters regarding commercial use of player likeness in video games without compensation. Whether you blame the NCAA or EA, the situation stands as is leaving fans without any official college titles. However, for those on PC, College Football Mod 19 is releasing a demo for Madden 19.

College Football Mod 19 – National Championship Demo

If you don’t know, mods are unofficial alterations or modifications made to games.
This can be done with official tools or, often times, unofficial tools. This mod aims to bring a roster of 32 college football teams fully playable in Madden 19. Although unofficial, you’ll still need to own and install Madden NFL 19. As with all mods, there are limitations. College Football 19 is a conversion mod. This means it replaces in-game assets rather than adding new ones as if it were downloadable content.

The ‘Nation Championship Demo’ specifically gives players a taste of the college football experience. Those who install the mod will be able to play the 2019 National Championship featuring Clemson and Alabama.

Both teams feature correct uniforms and rosters. Levi’s Stadium has also been outfitted with national championship branding for a realistic feel. While the demo is limited, the full mod featuring 32 teams is still to come.

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