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Drini Captures Madden Bowl Title, Takes Home $40,000


EA Sports’ Madden NFL Bowl has a new champion. Drini “Young Drini” Gjoka won five straight games to earn his second Madden Championship Series (MCS) title and $40,000. The Madden Bowl is the final tournament of the year, making Drini the official Madden 19 Champion. Drini took down some of the best players in the competitive Madden community en route to the belt. Each of the 16 finalists were playing Madden NFL 19 for a share of $200,000 in prize money. Here’s a complete breakdown of the tournament, which was held in Redwood City, California.

Drini’s Path to Victory

Drini held all six of his opponents to 20 or fewer points, and allowed a total of 20 points in his final four games combined. He dominated his competitors for the entire weekend, using a methodical offense to pair with his aforementioned defense. Here’s a look at Drini’s tournament.

  • Group Stage: Lost to SomeSerious, 21-20
  • Group Stage: Defeated Boogz, 24-17
  • Group Stage: Defeated LilMan, 35-7; won Group A and received bye to Quarterfinal
  • Quarterfinal: Defeated Chritobin, 13-10
  • Semifinal: Defeated LilMan, 17-3
  • Final: Defeated Spoto, 41-0

Madden 19 Bowl Results 

Below is the final bracket for the Madden Bowl, including all results.

Madden-NFL-19You can see EA’s bracket, including all scores, by clicking here. Below are the payouts for the top eight finishers in the tournament.

  • Drini – $35,000
  • Spoto –
  • Skimbo, LilMan –
  • Pavan, Canes, Gos, Chritobin  –

Other Notable Tournament Headlines 

Cream Rises to the Top – Madden NFL 19’s competitive season was filled with newcomers having newfound success and big names struggling to consistently win at the highest level. In the end, however, the most consistent player in the history of the MCS era took home the belt. Drini has made eight of the last nine live events, a spectacular feat considering the fluky state of Madden.

Skimbo vs. Spoto – Spoto defeated Skimbo twice, both in the group stage and the knockout stage, but he’ll have to do a lot more to be as highly regarded in the Madden competitive community as Skimbo. Their two battles made for some extremely entertaining trash talk, an example of which can be seen below.

You can read more about the Madden 19 Bowl here.

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