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EA Announces Madden 17 Ultimate Team Features

Madden NFL 17 Trophies and Achievements

EA has announced an overview of their Madden Ultimate Team experience for Madden 17. It has all the features you expect, and answers a couple of lingering rumours.

Solo Challenges

The most popular game type in madden sees a couple of improvements. The biggest of which is the new dynamic end conditions. If a game has an end condition – for example, scoring a rushing touchdown – the challenge ends as soon as you achieve it. This makes Solo Challenges faster and more exciting.


Chemistry has returned for Madden 17, replacing Style, but offering a deeper and more dynamic experience. Matching a certain number of players with particular Chemistry icons boosts their stats in game. These are stackable, and you may have as much chemistry in a team as you can fit. We already had a more in-depth look at chemistry here.Madden 17 Ultimate Team Chemistry

H2H Unlimited Events

Unlimited events has replaced H2H Seasons in this year’s game, where you can play against other players 1v1 without restrictions. H2H Unlimited events does put you in Madden 17’s event structure, however it does not cost a ticket to play. There are competitions attached to H2H Unlimited Events, as well as a ranking system to provide better matchmaking.

Alternate Uniforms

Alternate Uniforms are back for MUT in Madden 17. Coupled with CFM relocation uniforms, there will be a much bigger selection of uniforms for MUT players this year. madden 17 todd gurley

Trade Block

Widely rumored to have been cut for Madden 17, prompting fan backlash and debate, EA quietly announced that the “community favorite” is back. Whether it was always going to be part of the game, or whether the community’s reaction to rumors encouraged them to reinstate it, it doesn’t matter. Trade block is in Madden 17.

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