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EA Offers Head Start on Madden Ultimate Team 17

Madden 17 Ultimate Team head start

If you’re big into Madden Ultimate Team, EA is offering everyone the opportunity to get a head start on Madden Ultimate Team 17 by allowing players to earn vouchers for the newest iteration of the franchise by playing Madden 16.

Starting today, you’ll be able to unlock vouchers for Madden Ultimate Team 17 by playing MUT16. To secure the vouchers, you can play MUT16 and earn MUT16 loyalty vouchers by playing solo challenges, Draft Champions Ranked, and Salary Cap Ranked. For every set of 10 loyalty vouches you collect, you’ll earn a MUT17 voucher.

You’ll only be able to unlock a total of 10 vouchers this way, but EA will also offer up MUT17 vouchers through other means such as major milestones for solo challenge wins, major milestones for set completions, or pro, all-pro, and legendary tier members of MUT Rewards.

For the first time in Ultimate Team history, players will have a number of year-over-year rewards to choose from using MUT17 vouchers. The rewards you’ll be able to unlock include the following:

  • Contract Pack
  • Silver Offense Pack and Silver Defense Pack
  • Gold Offense Pack and Gold Defense Pack
  • Elite Offense Pack and Elite Defense Pack
  • Event Tickets
  • Pro Pack
  • All-Pro Pack
  • Legends Pack

Rewards will be doled out when players try out Madden Ultimate Team 17 for the first time this fall. Players who have completed MUT Master, Road Master, or MUT Ultimate Master sets will receive exclusive rewards as well in the form of player items that have master chemistry in MUT17.

  • MUT Master – 85 ovr. Odell Beckham, Jr.
  • Road Master – 85 ovr. Tom Brady
  • Ultimate Master – 87 ovr. Marcus Allen

Additionally, MUT17 players will also be rewarded with loyalty vouchers based on the number of Head to Head Seasons games played, Draft Champions Ranked games played, Salary Cap Ranked games played, solo challenges won, and sets completed in MUT16.

More sets and challenges will be added to MUT16 leading into August when Madden 17 launches, so you’ll have plenty of time to start working on earning vouchers to get a head start in MUT17.

Looks like it’s time to start working toward MUT17 vouchers! Will you be working on your head start for MUT17? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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