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EA Sports College football Release Date

EA Sports College Football Release Date Possibly Revealed

A newly uncovered document is hinting at a specific release date for the upcoming EA Sports College Football.

Matt Brown of Extra Points has obtained a partially redacted copy of the EA Sports/CLC proposal made to FBS schools regarding the game. In that proposal, it mentions a contract term of four years in total to start.

Covering four years in total, the contract begins July 1, 2023, and runs through June 30, 2027. That time frame would include four EA Sports College Football games: College Football ’24, ’25, ’26, and ’27.

Now, knowing a game coming in July 2023 isn’t anything new. What is new, though, is the window in which to expect the game. Based on the contract length, the earliest we’ll see the new EA Sports College Football game released is July 1, 2023. That would line it up with the releases of the old NCAA Football franchise that went dormant after NCAA Football 14 in 2013.

What will the EA Sports College Football release date be?

For an idea into the specific date, we have to look at a calendar. July 1, 2023, is a Saturday, meaning it’s almost certain the game wouldn’t be released over a weekend. With the latest trend over the last handful of years to release games on Friday, you’re looking at one likely option: Friday, July 14.

Why not July 7? Well, if the contract doesn’t begin until July 1, then that would put it at just a six-day gap. With EA Play giving players seven days to play up to 10 hours of the game, it would require the game to launch the following week to give that full window. So, July 7 would likely be the day for EA Play access to begin should the offer still be around in two years. The typical three-day early access for pre-orders would be expected to then start on July 11.

Notre Dame EA Sports College Football
Notre Dame is one of the schools that withdrew from the game

Obviously, the specific dates are all speculation right now. However, because of past releases and knowledge of EA Sports’ release plans, it all points to the dates being the expected ones come July 2023.

As far as what each school would receive as part of the contract, the document includes that information. Unfortunately, it’s all part of the redacted details. As of now, a number of schools have announced they won’t be a part of the new franchise until new NIL rules are developed for players. Those schools include the likes of Notre Dame, Northwestern, and Tulane.

More schools are expected to make a decision in the near future, long before the EA Sports College Football release date.

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