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EA Sports To Display Probabilities In MUT 19 Packs

Madden NFL 19 MUT

Any Ultimate Team always has the same goal: to build a superstar team consisting of gold or diamond players. You want to put together the best quad you can so you can head into head-to-head competition and move up the leaderboards.

The issue with Ultimate Team modes is that you have no idea what’s in the pack. Maybe you’ll spend some of your hard earned money on packs and your best “pull” is some silver cornerback you don’t need.

It’s frustrating, to say the least. When perusing which packs you want to purchase, you want to know what the probability is that you’ll pull something worthwhile.

EA Sports is changing that up in Madden 19. Starting this year, EA will be displaying pack probabilities of said packs in the store. Probabilities obviously won’t tell you what you’ll pull, but it’ll give you a better idea of what’s in the pack. It should be used as an information tool instead of just buying packs blind.

When you go into the Madden Ultimate Team store, select “View Info” to display pack probabilities. You don’t need to buy packs to view their probabilities.

Pack Probabilities In Action

The main page for each pack will show how many cards are in that pack. The “View Info” button will show you the probability information of that pack. Let’s say you go to a pack and there is a 100% probability of pulling a player that is 80 or above. That means when you purchase the pack and open it, you’ll get a play 80 or above.

Overall Bands

Due to the pack probabilities, EA Sports is introducing OVR Bands. OVR Bands will consist of players grouped together by their overall.

Remember, pack probabilities are going to be independent. They’re not a cumulative event. If there is a 4.5% of landing a diamond Tom Brady, it is a 4.5% on every pack. Your chances do not statistically increase if you buy 10 packs. It will always be a 4.5% chance.

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