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Emergency Madden 21 Title Update Lets You Play Madden 21

Madden 21 December Title Update

EA dropped an emergency Title Update this morning. Today’s Madden 21 Title Update specifically fixes a bug caused by last Thursday’s November Title Update. Since November 5, players have been locked out of signing in to Madden 21. While players could still play offline, online features were unavailable. Hopefully, players will now be able to log in to Madden 21 and play online again.

Madden 21 title updateLast Thursday’s update added a new game mode, Superstar KO Endless Run, but accidentally removed players’ ability to try it against other players. Some folks attempting to log in to Madden 21’s online services were met with an error message. The message read “Sorry, it appears the EA Servers are currently down. We are working to address the problem. Please try again later. For additional information please see” EA was made aware of these issues early, but people experiencing the issue were locked out of online mode for the entire weekend.

A Way to Log In, but at What Cost?

EA offered some workarounds. Navigating the issue on PC is relatively easy. An Xbox One fix simply has you clear reserved space and reboot the game. On the other hand, fixing the issue on PlayStation 4 meant deleting the app and reinstalling it from the disc or PlayStation store. If you owned Madden on PlayStation, maybe it was a sign to take the weekend off.

We’ve got a video covering the workarounds below. If you’re still having issues, or you aren’t getting the Madden 21 Title Update, you might want to keep our video handy.

Luckily, today’s update focuses entirely on making sure players can log into Madden 21. No reinstalls, just a brief update. Now, players can actually enjoy the goodies that came with Thursday’s update. What are those goodies, you ask? The Natural’s got you covered with a rundown over on our Youtube channel.

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