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ESPN eSports Madden NFL 20 Celebrity Tournament Roundup

Madden NFL 20

The Madden NFL 20 Celebrity Tournament has concluded and here are results for each round.  With the brackets already set and settings explained to the contestants (Fatigue On, Injuries Off, Even Teams Off, 5 Minute Quarters, All-Pro, No accelerated clock), it was time for the games to begin.


  • Deandre Hopkins (Texans) defeats Lil Yachty (Rams) 32-14
  • Chris Weidman defeats Devonta Freeman (Match was not aired on ESPN2)
  • Melvin Gordan (Chargers) defeats Cam Jordan (Saints) 28-6
  • Hollywood Brown (Ravens) defeats YG (Chiefs) 43-14
  • Diggs Family (Chiefs) defeats Omar Raja (Cowboys) 40-0
  • Katie Nolan (Patriots) defeats Pat McAfee (Ravens) 26-13
  • Daniel Cormier (Saints) defeats Drew Lock (Packers) 20-13
  • Snoop Dogg (49ers) defeats Travis Kelce (Chiefs) 36-24

Snoop Dogg and Hollywood Brown are my favorites to get to the Championship matchup. Snoop has tremendous skills and got the win using offense (solid running), defense and special teams (kickoff return for TD).  Brown was on point running the Ravens offense to perfection and even impressive wildcat plays using himself.  These two just stood out way more in regards to game skills. I pick Brown to win the tournament.

(Fun moment of the tournament so far goes to Melvin Gordan picking up a guitar and singing to Jordan during the blowout during the game.)

Round 2 Matchups (bold person is my pick to win) and results:

  • Diggs Family (Vikings) 26 vs Katie Nolan (Patriots) 14
  • Snoop Dogg (49ers) 27 – Daniel Cormier (Saints) 13
  • Deandre Hopkins vs Chris Weidman: Weidman Advances ESPN eSports provided no coverage
  • Melvin Gordan (Chargers) 0 – Hollywood Brown (Ravens) 40

Round 3 Matchups 

  • Hollywood Brown (Ravens) 59 – Chris Weidman (Chiefs) 35
  • Diggs Family vs Snoop Dogg (ESPN eSports provided no coverage, but Snoop Dogg advances to Championship Match)

Championship Match

Hollywood Brown (Ravens) 60 vs Snoop Dogg (49ers) 42

Congrats to Marquise “Hollywood” Brown for winning the ESPN Celebrity Madden NFL 20 Title with 202 points for to 91 points against, and going 4-0.

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