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Madden 15 First Interactive Experience

With every game release comes new features, and with
every announcement of these features comes skeptics.
Year after year these so-called new features miss and
disappoint. I’m sure you still don’t believe EA that major
changes are coming this season, do you? Well it’s ok
to remain a skeptic after the burn marks on your ass
have repeated every early September for the past decade,
but don’t tell EA this, because they are so serious about
the new features that they’re introducing what’s their
calling their “First Interactive Experience.”

When you load up the game this season, you won’t be
sent to the game’s menu. Instead, you’ll be thrown into
a fictional playoff game between the San Francisco 49ers
and the Carolina Panthers. From here, EA will express to
you, either the Madden vet or the Madden newbie, exactly
what these changes for Madden 15 are.

Creative director Mike Young said this: “We wanted
to do a better job with on-boarding, bringing in
users that are either coming back to Madden,
or first time playing, or they haven’t played in a few years.”

Could this turn out to be a pleasant experience for gamers?
Unlikely. Most will dismiss and get on with the real substance.
Dropping serious Madden Players into a “story-like” tutorial
will get really old, really fast.

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