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How to Celebrate in Madden NFL 19 – Choose Your Touchdown Celebrations!

The never-ending onslaught of Madden NFL 19 information and leaks keep on rolling. Today, we are taking a look at touchdown celebrations in the new installment of Madden, coming August 10th.

How to Celebrate in Madden NFL 19

All of your favorite celebrations are back in Madden 19 with the addition of team celebrations and other options you can choose from. In this video, we will show you how to perform all of them!

Just like last year, during the play, the in-game celebrations are the same. Hold Left-Trigger + Right-Trigger and the A on Xbox, X for PS4. So, hold both back buttons while you run and hit A/X. Pretty simple.

A look at one of the new celebrations in Madden NFL 19. Photo: EA Sports

This year after scoring, you will see an icon pop up next to your controlled player. Pressing in the direction of the type of celebration you want will have your player do the appreciate celebration. There are five different types of touchdown celebrations you can do in Madden 19. The video takes you through all of them and I’ll describe them below.

Hitting right on the Right Analog will perform a spike. The player will take the ball and spike it in a variety of ways.

Hit left on the Right Analog and your player will perform a dance. Yes, even if the player doesn’t have any rhythm in real life.

Pressing down on the Right Analog after scoring will execute a signature celebration. Many of the players have a specific celebration that they is are known for, which they will perform if you choose signature celebration.

Hitting up will perform a team celebration. There are a bunch of different ones that are really funny and others where you have no clue what they are doing.

The last, and in my opinion, the best is the SWAGGER celebration. By clicking in on the Right Analog stick on the controller you will perform a ‘swag’ celebration that will tear up the field (or the club).

What do you think of the new celebrations? Which ones will be your favorites in Madden NFL 19? Let us know in the comment section below, and don’t forget to subscribe to SGO.

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