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How to FIX Madden 21 Crash on PC

Yesterday, EA released a title update for Madden 21. You can find the full details on the update here, but the update has been more than a bit buggy. On PC, players are reporting issues booting the game, and encountering crashes on install. The game has been warning players that there are issues with the game set-up, and to reinstall. This hasn’t been working, however. We’ve done a bit of research, and we’ve found a way to help fix the Madden 21 PC crash.

This message appears for some players when trying to install Madden 21 on the PC.

Players having issues with launching Madden 21 on PC since this week’s update may need to download and install official Microsoft Visual C++ runtime libraries from Microsoft’s website. Downloading the Visual Studio libraries has helped players fix the Madden 21 PC crash. Anecdotally, players close to the staff have been able to install Madden 21 successfully after installing the MSCVRT.dll. Players have talked about this method’s success on twitter as well. Twitter user Miles K warns another user looking for help that you may encounter an early crash, but the game should run fine after that.


You can find the official Microsoft C++ Visual Studio downloads here. It’s encouraged to download and install both the x86 and x64 files.  Restart your computer before trying to load Madden again.

Look. Things in 2020 are weird. Development time has become limited for games across the board due to limitations around COVID-19. Updates need to push on a specific schedule to keep timelines intact, especially for games that live alongside real-life events like Madden 21’s live roster. Games will release buggy. The support staff has to be ready for situations like this too, though. As of writing, there have been no official word on a fix from any of EA’s Madden or support accounts.

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