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Legend Bowl Coach Mode

Legend Bowl Latest Update Bring Coach Mode

Over the course of the weekend, Legend Bowl received a new update bringing a much requested feature. In the latest update, Super Pixel Games introduced ‘Coach Mode’ allowing players to play from a coach’s perspective and AI drive the action.

Legend Bowl Coach Mode Update

Coach mode allows players to play the game as the coach. This means human players will be in charge of play calling and managing timeouts. AI will be in control of players on the field. While, as the coach, players will be able to make play calls, commit subs, and call timeouts, players will not be able to call audibles since this is typically handled by the quarterback.

Coach mode can be enabled from the main screen, meaning this change will affect all subsequent gameplay across all modes. However, when adjusting the setting at team selection, it will only affect that particular game. This is useful for those who do not always wish to play in Coach Mode.

Super Pixel Games notes when playing this mode, players can only control up to 2 teams at a time. It does not work with multiple controllers per team as only 1 player can call plays, rendering additional controllers irrelevant.

Coach Mode update details:

  • New Coach Mode available allowing players to take control of play calling and let their team do the rest. The setting is located in the Gameplay section and can be switched on in the Team Select screen or Settings menu.
  • Fixed an issue when catching a pass close to the top out of bounds line is not counting as a touchdown and instead places the ball at the 1 yard line.
  • Defenders now take better angle towards the goal line when targeting ball carrier who is close scoring a touchdown.
  • Updated patch notes menu URL to this newest patch announcement.

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