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Longshot Returning In Madden NFL 19


When Longshot debuted in Madden NFL 18, fans were on the fence about a story mode within the game.

Rather than create your own character and live out his career, players were forced to take part in a pretty linear story mode that lasted only a few hours with no actual NFL games to play. Fast forward a year later and EA Sports is doubling down on the Longshot mode with a sequel in Madden NFL 19 dubbed Longshot: Homecoming.

Madden NFL 19Continuing the stories of Devin Wade and Colt Cruise, Longshot: Homecoming will see Wade start his training camp with the Dallas Cowboys — apparently rendering your draft position/signing decision pointless from the original Longshot — while Cruise works to try and get one more shot at the NFL.

The mode will feature “four times the gameplay” that the original mode had, but no other details about the mode have been revealed.

M19_LS_Colt_01What’s more is that Cruise and Wade will be integrated in some form with Connected Franchise and Madden Ultimate Team.

Madden NFL 19 releases on August 10 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The PC version of the game will come shortly after the game’s initial launch.

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