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Madden 15 Connected Franchise: Top 15 Funniest Bloopers


We have compiled the top 15 funniest CFM bloopers and blunders here for you today. Let us know what you think. If you have any you would like us to add to the next video please email [email protected]!

#1 Toughest Rivalry Yet


We have the Ravens vs Ravens Rivalry…you could not have more equally matched teams here. This one should go down to the wire. It’s a good chance this game will actually end in a tie! You can’t ask for more with some hot Flacco on Flacco action lol

#2 Chuck Bostic – Lowest Rated Player in Madden


The lowest rated player in madden history? Talk about Mr. Irrelevant, this is more like Mr. Can he even tie his shoes in the morning. Can you even imagine what this guys awareness rating is?? This might be the 1st player to actually have some ratings in the NEGATIVES. I mean how did he even make it on his Highschool roster nevertheless an NFL one lol

#3 Tom Brady Stat “Deflation”


See this is why some people think the NFL is fixed. Even when Brady passes for 0 yards he is still considered one of the best! If you zoom in close on the ball it does look a little on the deflated side. This is how many passes yards Brady will have during the first 4 games this upcoming season lol.

#4 Jesus Pope – The Holiest Man in Madden


The most religious man in Madden. Kent state I’m surprised he didn’t graduate from Holy Cross or something, would have been more fitting. When you draft a guy named Jesus Pope you know he’s not going to have any off field issues lol.

#5 Kealoha Pilares – NFL Bobby Bouche


Player of the game with 0 receptions 0 yards and 0 TDs. Yeah but I bet you he was on the sidelines KILLING this waterboy duties though. He was serving the hell out of that water. That’s why he got player of the game. This proves you can affect the game in more ways than the stat sheet shows. I thought this was one of those created player draft names but this an actual real WR lol crazy! This guy needs to be featured on the Key and Peele college bowl foreal lol.

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