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Madden 15 Defensive Tips: Effective Blitzing


To have an effective blitz, again forget everything you’ve learned from previous Madden games. The days of running one blitz all game are GONE! With the new Madden, It adapts. Meaning, the blitz will work a lot, but the offensive line will eventually adapt to the blitz and pick it up properly. When you think about it, you really shouldn’t be able to run one to three blitzes all game anyway. In real life, and now in madden the idea is to confuse linemen, and make the offense unsure of who is blitzing!

What does this mean? Well, for starters, the bad habits and routines developed during previous years need to be thrown away. You can’t run the same “nano” or “glitch” blitz the entire game. Are there “nanos” or “glitch” blitzes? Yes, of course! After all, it’s Madden. But, as mentioned before, it won’t work all game.
A nano blitz is when the DT gets in untouched while only rushing four to five players. In previous years, you could only blitz three and the DT would still get in. That being said, the reason a nano is so effective is because even while blocking a RB the DT will still sack the QB. Nanos in this years Madden, do still exist. However, they don’t work every time like before. Below is a quick example of what I am talking about:

So what can you do to start running an effective blitz? Start by mixing in different blitzes.

Stay tuned for my next tip. I will share a other defenses that will keep your opponent off balance.
– Madden Coach

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