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Madden 15 Tips: 46 Defense for the Sim Coach


Here is a good overview of the 46 defense from a sim perspective from our own Itsjabooob. 46 is a defensive formation popularized by coach Buddy Ryan that involves 4 defensive lineman (2 defensive ends, 2 defensive tackles), 3 linebackers, and 4 defensive backs (2 cornerbacks and 2 safeties). The 46 defense is somewhat similar to the 4-3 defense. The linebackers are usually shifted towards the offense’s weak side and is designed to put pressure on the quarterback.

Due to the popularity of the West Coast Offense the 46 defense is no longer popular among NFL football teams but it is still very effective in Madden as it stops the run effectively, forces the other team to pass and pressures the QB. This tip gives you a great overview of the 46 and it’s concepts, we will provide more indepth Madden 15 Tips in future videos.

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