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Madden 15 Tips: Dominating on Offense with Option Routes Part 1


During a play, you see one of your receivers open, but before you can throw it you get sacked….in frustration you no huddle to run the same play over again, but your opponent either changed their play or hot routed a defender to cover and now you’re in trouble…sound familiar? Now, if that route was an option route it would have adjusted to the defense switching from Cover 2 to Cover 3 by converting from a streak to a curl route, keeping you one step ahead of the defense and eliminating a lot of those “oh crap” moments. Option routes allow the receiver to give you their best route versus whatever coverage the defense throws at you by giving you a better chance to complete the play.

Shotgun Trips- 60 Slide is equipped with many quick developing routes that put receiver’s ability to gain yards after the catch into focus. Running this play consistently, your madden_15_60slide_option_routescompetition will raise to the high 60’s and even the low 70’s and will find yourself having many 0 interception games. Also, mixing the “dink and dunk” nature of the offense with big play capabilities all within the same play or even the same route will allow your quarterback to post big passing yardage numbers.

Circle receiver (B on Xbox): Is most important to the play, being as he’s the isolated receiver away from the play, so he has to win his matchup or else the defense can leave him one on one. The more defenders the defense allocate towards stopping him, the less defenders they have for the 4 receiver side. Circle is often the guy that moves the chains and has the best chance of leading your team in catches.

Triangle receiver (Y on Xbox): Obviously need a running back who isn’t allergic to the ball , but since his back is turned to any oncoming defender when he catches it, they don’t need to be Marshall Faulk to hold on to it either. R1 (RB on Xbox) receiver needs to be tall enough to own the seam route and make the tough underneath catches without a problem.

X receiver (A on Xbox): Even though he’s the 3rd receiver on the depth chart, he is the 5th option on the play. The X receiver is the guy who will “take what the defense gives you” , as he’s only left open on purpose. He’s the guy who relies most on his open field moves to gain yardage.

Square receiver (X on Xbox): Along with the Circle and R1 receiver, he will be top 3 on your team in catches and due to having a fade route in his route tree will lead your team in yards.

Hopefully you enjoyed these Madden 15 Tips on dominating with Option Routes, stay tuned for the next part in this series here at Sports Gamers Online.

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