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Madden 15 Tips: Dominating on Offense with Option Routes Part II

Everyone remembers the 2007 New England Patriots and how unstoppable they were during the regular season. Well, today I’m going to show you a play that sets out to recreate some of the magic that they had from that season. The play will be run out of Pistol or Shotgun Spread(flipped) and is called 60 H Y Option. We’ll just call the route ran by the X receiver (A on Xbox) receiver the Wes Welker route and the streak by Circle receiver (B on Xbox) of course is the route that coined the term, “You Got Mossed”. Now you may not have Welker or Moss specifically but you can recreate that scheme around the specific traits they possessed. Besides those two, the play does a great job of being effective vs both man and zone coverage and with only one receiver needing a specific player trait you can run this with almost any team.

Pistol/Shotgun Spread 60 H Y Option


X receiver (A on Xbox): He sets up the whole play, and his ability to beat man coverage forces your opponent into more zone looks out of fear of getting destroyed by the slot receiver. His yards per catch won’t look to pretty overall, but the faster he is the more dangerous he becomes with the ball in his hands.
R1 receiver (RB on Xbox): Doesn’t need great hands, but he can’t have Brandon Jacobs type hands either…..
Triangle receiver (Y on Xbox): Along with the A receiver, he will lead your team in catches, due to being a viable option vs man and zone coverage.. Teams that have a good tight end have an advantage formation subbing him.
Square receiver (X on Xbox):  His route doesn’t cause the most damage but the threat of it affects what plays your opponent will choose. Similar to a base runner keeping a pitcher from throwing as many off speed pitches as he would like.
Circle receiver (B on Xbox): You know in every league you see a receiver with a stat line like 30 catches and 1,000 yards? He’s that guy……….The taller your #1 receiver is the better


Hopefully you enjoyed these Madden 15 Tips on dominating with Option Routes. Do you use any option routes in your current offensive scheme? Let us know in the comments below. Make sure you check back daily for news and tips for your favorite sports games here at Sports Gamers Online.

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