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Madden 15 Tips: How to Beat Cover 2 Invert

The cousin of the Cover 2 has caused a few problems for gamers this year. I know when you first saw the play design it was obvious where the throwing lanes where, but without proper route spacing and depth you’re falling into the trap it has set. One of life’s great mottos is, “don’t judge a book by its cover “and I can’t think of a play this refers to more .



     The key to the play is the cornerbacks, and since the deep safety is playing a linebacker-esque yellow zone, the cornerbacks are shading inside to cover the area the safety would otherwise be. The spots you want to have receivers at are the deep left, deep middle and deep right parts of the field, so you’re stretching both corners responsibilities so much that one receiver will end up wide open.  Without a receiver in each section, either corner can come off his spot and cover the middle of the field without a problem. The idea is to FORCE the corner to choose an area. With proper spacing and depth you can break this play wide open. Make sure you watch the video and check back daily for more Madden 15 Tips and tips for your favorite sports games here at SGO.

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