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Madden 15 Tips: 3 Overload Press


Here is a 5-man rush out of the Nickel 3-3-5 package.  This play is so silly that is works out of a stock look.  Again, much like every defensive call, you can mess with it at your own choice.  This blitz follows the rage of what’s popular thus far in M15 which is a 5-man pressure with a 3 Deep Look behind it.

Formation:  Nickel 3-3-5

Play:  3 Overload Press

Adjustments:  None.  You could choose to Press the Nickelback to get to the QB quicker.

***You could choose to use QB Contain on this play if you’d like.  It might mean a little slower (delayed) blitz to the QB, but could be beneficial against some of the more mobile QBs.

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