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Madden 16 Connected Franchise Tips: Running Back Development


In Madden 16 CFM you actually have to know what to look for other than a player’s physical attributes like speed and strength. Here are some Madden 16 Connected Franchise Tips on developing a top Running Back. Running Backs are somewhat tricky for people to find the one that works for them. They are probably one of the most attributes that influence the way they play from simple trucking to stiff arm.  My suggestion is to focus on just a few. The four main attributes you should focus on is speed, acceleration, elusiveness, and trucking. Of course speed is the top speed a player can run. Speed does not mean much for a running back however unless he has a high acceleration. Acceleration is how long it will take a player to reach his top speed. Elusiveness is how well a player jukes and spin moves along with how easily a player can slip through tackles. Trucking how well a player performs the truck move and breaks tackles. We could mention the agility attribute which is how well a player makes his cut as well. But for now I want to focus on just four attributes.

Obviously you will want a high agility attribute. With speed it will come down to what type of running back you are most comfortable with. Do you want a speedster or a power back? If you are looking for a speed back you will need to look for a speed ninety and above. With a power back you really do not need the the fastest guy running the ball. It does help but you need to look for other attributes more such as acceleration and trucking. With a power back however my best advice is to try to get a running back with a speed higher than eighty-four. Once you get below eighty-five they are almost worthless on the outside and tend to get caught in the backfield a bit too much for someone that is suppose to be good at getting those short yards. Acceleration is in my opinion far more important than speed. The lower the acceleration the harder it is for a player to reach his top speed and the more likely he will be caught from behind. This could make the difference in a touchdown or just a twenty yard gain.


For both the power back and speed back you want to have an acceleration more than ninety for them to be very effective. Now with the speed back you want to look more into a player’s elusiveness attribute first rather than trucking which is an attribute you can build on later. Why elusiveness? Well, elusiveness is great when doing runs on the outside where you will be dealing more with the defensive backs who tend to have a lower tackle rating than say the defensive line and linebackers. This will make it easier to slide out of the tackles to get those few extra yards that might be the difference between a 4th or 1st down. The elusive attribute you want to find a player that has it in the high nineties. Trucking is more of an attribute meant for the power backs which will be going through the offensive line and having to run the best tacklers the defense has to offer over or drag them with him to gain those few extra yards. With a power back you really do not want to be taking them outside the tackles simply because of their speed and at times hitting the trucking stick will cause the player to trip up and fall. Trucking unlike elusiveness you do not need to find at a very high rating. If you can find a player with a trucking attribute above eight-five you should be golden as long as his acceleration and speed are still in that optimal range as well.

Top Developmental Running Backs

Here are the Top Development RB’s in Madden 16 you guys should take a strong look at in your Connected franchise leagues. You may be able to trade for these guys as they may just be sitting on your league members bench.

  1. Dri Archer – Pittsburgh Steelers/FA
  2. Corey Grant – Jacksonville Jaguars
  3. Malcolm Brown – St. Louis Rams
  4. Andre Williams –  New York Giants
  5. Brandon Oliver – San Diego Chargers
  6. Chris Thompson – Washington

Hopefully you enjoyed our Madden 16 Connected Franchise Tips. Stay tuned for more in the series in the weeks to come!

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