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Madden 16 Connected Franchise Tips: Wide Receiver Development


In Madden 16 players cannot receive large amounts of experience from practice, game stats, and goals.  So now you cannot take some sixty overall player and make him a ninety-nine overall in just a single season.  Now you actually have to know what to look for other than a player’s physical attributes like speed and strength. Here are some Madden 16 Connected Franchise Tips on developing a top Wide Receiver.

Wide Receivers

Wide Receivers are pretty easy to know what to look for.  Obviously you will be looking for high catching ratings, speed, and acceleration. Many people though either look for the extremes on the speed and acceleration and get average catching ratings. Believing that their wide receiver will just blow right past the defenders and take it to the house. This will only work part of the time and should not be any team’s backbone offensively. What I suggest is to look at a players catching attributes more than what their speed is. Speed is great to have but it is not the only thing. I try to look for a player who has speed ranging from eighty-five to ninety-nine. Some consider eighty-five too low for a first or second string wide receiver. I beg to differ. To me I find speed to be that one attribute people focus on too much and too highly. With a player with eighty-five speed you will still get big plays from them. Players like Kelvin Benjamin and Jordy Nelson are in this category. What people need to focus on more in a wide receiver is acceleration and route running if they want them to create distance between the receiver and the defender.

Madden16_ CFM_ WR_ development

The most important thing to focus on when looking for at receiver is their catching. A player’s catching has to be at least mid-eighties for them to be consistent enough to be considered a starter. If it is lower than mid-eighties the player tends to drop the ball more when in coverage or at first contact. It is the same with catch in traffic as well and spectacular catching. You want them to be in the mid-eighties range, although if spectacular catching is lower than that it is not something to worry about. I should mention that route running and release are also very important but they tend to be easier to develop than say the physical attributes of course and the catching attributes.

Top Developmental Wide Receivers

Here are the Top 5 development WR’s in Madden 16 you guys should take a strong look at in your Connected franchise leagues. You may be able to trade for these guys as they may just be sitting on your league members bench.

  1. Devin Street – Dallas Cowboys
  2. Duron Carter – Indianapolis Colts
  3. Dezmin Lewis – Buffalo Bills
  4. Tre McBride – Tennessee Titans
  5. Brandon Coleman – New Orleans Saints

Hopefully you enjoyed our Madden 16 Connected Franchise Tips. Stay tuned for more in the series in the weeks to come!

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