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Madden 16 Defensive Tips: 4-3 Over Will Blitz 3


We’ve got more Madden 16 Defensive Tips out of the 4-3 that will bring some major pressure on your opponents with quality zone coverage. Be sure to check out the video walkthrough below.

Playbook: 4-3
Formation: 4-3 Over
Play: Will Blitz 3

1. Crash the defensive line out
2. Control the hook zone linebacker, place him in the A Gap and blitz him.
3. Control the right outside linebacker who is on the line of scrimmage, hold both back buttons(LT/RT on XBOX1, L2/R2 and PS4) which will bring a screen up. You then hit A or B (which also chooses who to play on the read option) to bring it back down.


What ends up happening it once your opponent snaps the ball, the right outside linebacker will stop mid-rush, and when that happens you want to drop him into coverage and replace the area the linebacker you had blitzing covers. Causing the linebacker blitzing the A gap to come in untouched, because you occupied one of the offensive linemen with your fake rush.

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