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Madden 16 Developer Tips: Pistol Strong Slot PA Slide


Madden 16 In-Game Creative Director Rex Dickson posted the first Madden 16 Tip of the year on EA’s Play to Live blog. These are the best clutch plays straight from the Madden NFL 16 development team. Checkout the tip below and don’t forget to tune in to Sports Gamers Online as we bring you exclusive coverage of EA’s E3 press conference!


Recommended By: Rex Dickson, In-Game Creative Director
Play Name: Jets Pistol Strong Slot PA Slide
When to run it: This is a play action rollout or “boot” play. I use the scramble mechanic (hold RT on Xbox One, R3 on PS4) and the low pass mechanic (Hold LT+ Receiver Icon on Xbox One, L2 + Receiver Icon on PS4) to hit the comeback route. Due to the corner over the top and the proximity to the sidelines, I utilize possession catches (Hold A on Xbox One or X on PS4 with ball in air) exclusively on this route.

Why It Works: The Back releasing into the flat pulls down the underneath zoners, giving you a lot of room to work with down the sideline. The roll out shortens the distance between the throw and the receiver (vs. staying in the pocket), which creates a much shorter window for the DB to react to the comeback. Additionally, if everyone is covered scrambling is always a great check down option on this play.

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