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Madden 16 Mobile New Season & Latest Updates


EA Sports launched the new season of Madden NFL Mobile, giving fans a chance to get into the game anytime and become the GM of their favorite NFL franchise. The new season of Madden NFL Mobile features new Live Events and Spontaneous Challenges, a new Receiver Mode, Legacy Team Challenges and numerous other enhancements and improvements, creating a whole new experience from top to bottom.

New teams mean a level playing field for all players, and it’s never been a better time to jump in and lead your team to glory. The game features a totally revamped look and feel, boasting new modes and features designed to give you an authentic NFL experience all season long. Best of all, players don’t need to download a new app, as the new season of Madden NFL Mobile arrives today as a free update.

This season in Madden NFL Mobile players will be presented with Spontaneous Challenges during drives that offer rewards. For instance, a player may be tasked with passing for 20 yards during a drive, with success netting a reward. Spontaneous Challenges come in various difficulties, but those willing to take on the toughest task also stand to earn the best rewards.

In addition to Spontaneous Challenges, fans can play the brand-new wide receiver mode with special mechanics and controls. As a receiver, swipe any direction to make a cut, and tap onscreen when you’re open to call for the ball and make the big play. Read the defense, find the holes in the coverage and make the catch that changes the game.

New teams mean a fresh challenge for all players, but returning Madden NFL Mobile players will also be able to utilize their Legacy Team from the previous season for special Live Events. These exclusive challenges offer unique rewards, as well as provide loyal fans additional opportunities to return to the field with their Legacy squad.

The new season of Madden NFL Mobile features numerous other enhancements and improvements, including a revamped kicking game, new NFL PAT rules, upgraded defensive strategies, enhanced pass input detection and more.

Madden NFL Mobile lets fans become the GM of their favorite NFL team and handpick their squad, composed of NFL stars and legends. Get into the game anytime, anywhere with Live Events and Head-to-Head Challenges, battling it out all the way to the Super Bowl. It’s authentic NFL action on mobile devices, so Madden Season starts now. Join the over 20 million who have played the free-to-download* game and started down the path to gridiron glory. Madden NFL Mobile is available on the App Store and Google Play.

New features and updated interface:

  • Take control of any receiver in Seasons or Live Events
  • Improved modes and navigation with an all-new UI
  • Boosted rewards in Spontaneous Challenges
  • New and updated playbooks
  • Competitive fine-tuning in Head-to-Head and Leagues
  • Plus, enhancements to every mode and screen in the game


  • In Season mode, players will be able to actively play as a wide receiver. They can cycle through their quarterback and available receivers, and then choose the one they want to control.
  • As soon as the ball is snapped, the player is free to run their route and cut by swiping left or right in order to get open and call for the ball.
  • In the new season, players will be able to use this experience in their Season games.


  • Madden NFL Mobile has upgraded its user interface to provide a more frictionless navigation experience.
  • Players will move into and out of screens and modes quicker, with more screen space available to them. The UI takes on a more modern and stylish appearance that enhances visual appeal.


  • Special new challenges can appear at any time during Season, Head-to-Head and both intra-League and League Tournament games.
  • These challenges can be as simple as getting a first down to more complex like throwing to a specific receiver for a set number of yards.
  • Players receive special rewards for completing these challenges, such as a Collectible for a Set or additional Coins and XP.


  • Players can can show off that premier defensive player they have earned when they are being challenged.
  • Players will see Items in the 3D game, and can tap on any player to view that Item. You might call this Scouting 2.0.


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