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Madden 16 Most Improved Teams After Draft


The First Round Of The NFL Draft has now completed and if you are a madden player like me you are looking at how the draft s going to affect your team and if your team will be more playable in Madden 16! The draft improved some teams hopes and it diminished some hopes. In this article I will be going through the Top 5 teams that will be good in Madden 16 because of the draft.

1.Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans were perennially a good madden team for a long time because of the speedster Chris Johnson and his 99 speed rating. Last year losing him made Tennessee probably the worst madden team in the game. They didn’t have a reliable quarterback and despite Jake Locker’s 83 speed it was difficult to make it the whole game without him getting hurt. They lacked running back talent and Sankey although he was a solid back was not great in madden with his low speed and trucking rating. They will be incredibly improved however with the addition of Oregon stud quarterback Marcus Mariota. This will give the Titans a offensive weapon that they clearly lacked last year. He will have a talented young offensive line in front of him and great receivers in Kendall Wright and Justin Hunter who are both phenomenal madden receivers. Expect to see lots of people using the Titans early in the Madden 16 season to try out the exciting new Quarterback much like we did RG3 in Madden 13!

2. St Louis Rams

The St Louis Rams lacked star power on the offensive side of the ball last year and it started at the running back position. Tre Mason was given attribute upgrades late in the season but this really didn’t make them a usable Madden team. The addition of the Georgia’s standout running back Todd Gurley will change that. Him being the first running back off the board at pick number 10 will allow him to get high initial Madden ratings and really make the St Louis run game a immediate threat. He will have relatively high speed and good trucking along with that much like a Marshawn Lynch. And we have seen through the Seahawks what a solid rushing attack can give you in Madden and the NFL. Pair that with the addition of the incredibly accurate Nick Foles, speedster Tavon Austin and the fastest Tight End in the game Jared Cook. Take that on offence and match it with Aaron Donald and a great defence expect to see a lot of the Rams of Madden 16!

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The reason I have the Bucs at number three is in most part due to the fact thats this team was not that bad last year but they have improved a lot through the draft. This team is going to be even more deadly next year with the edition of Winston. Lets just start by saying that the Buccaneers already have two receivers that are over 6 feet 4 inches tall and one who is a future star in Mike Evans who may be one of the best deep threats in the game! They also have a solid defense led by Gerald McCoy and linebacker Lavonte David. This team was a decent madden team last year but lacked a solid quarterback and now they have it. Winston will be given high throw power, awareness, and accuracy and also will have decent speed to go along with that. Jameis Winston will make the Buccaneers a much better team and will really make this team a lot more popular this year.

4. Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders in my opinion were a sleeper team last year they had a alright defence with stud Khalil Mack and Justin Tuck. They Also had a deceptively quick Quarterback in Derek Carr who also had elite level accuracy. Now add the receiver that some consider to be the next Jerry Rice into the mix and you have a good madden team. Cooper gives the Raiders offence that wow factor that they really lacked last year and will give Madden players a go to receiver. The Raiders may never be the madden team that they used to be but this Alabama speedster may help them get back to that form. Raiders are greatly improved from this first pick.

5. Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears are a team that has become less popular in recent years but expect that to change this year. They lost Marshall but they gained a receiver who I would argue is a better Madden receiver than Marshall. Kevin White is a big, incredibly fast, strong receiver who will almost be like a young Randy Moss in this years madden. As much as Cutler has never been a real life stud he will always have attributes to make him good in Madden. He has decent escape ability with his speed in the 70s and a very high throw Power so he can throw the deep ball  to White and Jeffrey. Pair that with a alright defense and a solid veteran running back in Matt Forte and you have all you need to make a good Madden Team.

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