Feb 20, 2021
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Madden 16 Roster Update: Week 20

The latest Madden 16 roster update is here today from EA Sports, and that means new ratings changes! There are two notable changes this week, via the blog. Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly take the spotlight this week as the Panthers head into the Super Bowl to take on the Broncos.

You can find three more players moving up and three players moving down below, as well as a full breakdown of the roster update in the table below.

Three Up:

DeMarcus Ware +1 (88)
Owen Daniels +1 (84)
Ted Ginn Jr. +1 (82)

Two Down:

Demaryius Thomas -1 (89)
Peyton Manning -1 (85)

Check out the FULL Madden 16 Roster Update Table below:

[wpdatatable id=28]


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