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Madden 16 Tip: Shotgun Empty Base Flex – Middle Hi Lo


Another Madden 16 Tip today out of the Shotgun Empty Base Flex formation with several effective routes that attack the defense at every level!

Playbook: Dolphins, Patriots, Vikings, Ravens, Chargers, Titans and Cincinnati

Formation: Gun Empty Base Flex

Play: Hi Lo Read

madden16_tips_gun_middle_high_low Analysis: I’m going to set up Middle Hi Lo Read so there will be 3 immediate man beater routes with a longer “money route” as the last read, while also having the ability to attack the middle of the field vs zone defenses.

  1. Hot Route A(X on PS4) on a hitch route
  2. SMART ROUTE RB’s(R1 on PS4) post so he breaks inside quicker
  3. Hot Route X(Square on PS4) on a slant route


Reads vs Man:

  1. A(X on PS4) Once he turns around, throw a bullet and hold LT (L1 to PS4) to aim it down.
  2. RB(R1 on PS4) When he breaks inside lead pass to the upper left and the faster your slot receiver the more yards he can get after the catch.
  3. X( Square on PS4) Since this is the running backs position, the better he is at receiver the more likely he will be open and be able to use his open field moves.
  4. Y (Triangle on PS4) He runs the “money route, that burns man coverage. Once he angles his route up the sidelines, lob and hit LB (L1 on PS4) to put some air under it and it’s a touchdown more times than not.

Reads vs Zone:

  1. A(X on PS4) He’s more of a decoy to lure underneath defenders up so RB receiver has space, don’t throw to him unless he’s completely wide open.
  2. RB (R1 on PS4) Takes advantage of the A receiver luring defenders up so he has space in between the safeties and linebackers.
  3. X (Square on PS4) If he’s not open initially, he either takes advantage of an underneath defender vacating their area to play the post route behind them or he keeps them honest allowing RB the space he needs
  4. B(Circle on PS4) Another way to defend RB’s route in base coverages is the Deep Safety playing the route aggressive in Cover 2 and 3 or an extra Safety standing in his path in Cover. So while RB is covered he’s occupying the safety needed for preventing B one on one coverage deep down the sidelines.

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