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Madden 16 Tips: Gun Empty Trips TE – Drive


This Madden 16 Tip is a great passing play out of the Shotgun Empty set that gives you tons of options and ways to keep your opponent off balance. Be sure to checkout the video for a detail walk through.

Playbook: Patriots

Formation: Gun Empty Trips TE

Play: Drive


Analysis: Drive overloads the left side of the field with four receivers. While being good vs man coverage, shines versus zone due to the offenses ability to flood the zone with multiple receivers and as a result have a receiver always open or one on one.


  1. Hot route B( Circle on PS4) on a Slant route
  2. Hot route RB(R1 on PS4) on a Streak route
  3. Hot route Y( Triangle on PS4) on a Flat route

Our reads for the play are going to be B, A(X on PS4), RB, Y and X (Square on PS4)


Reads vs Man:

  1. B (Circle on PS4) runs a slant and no matter who the receiver or corner is will get inside position. It’s only a matter of how fast he can do it, and when he does break inside lead him to the left.
  2. A (X on PS4) runs a streak that we can back should throw vs man to man defense. Once the defender turns and runs with the receiver, bullet pass and hold down the LT (L1 on PS4) button to activate the low pass. It will throw it behind both the defender and receiver, so only we have a shot at it.
  3. RB’s (R1 on PS4) availability vs man depends on if its bump or off coverage. If it’s bump and run, we move on to the next receiver/ If the defense is playing off coverage, we then throw the same back shoulder throw we did to the A receiver.
  4. Y’s (Triangle on PS4) job vs man is to remove his defender from the play, so Y is not an option unless well….nobody follows him out to the flats.
  5. X’s (Square on PS4) route we want to lead him to the right once he turns back to the quarterback.


Reads vs Zone:

  1. B (Circle on PS4) We want to look for any holes in the zone for him to catch the ball. If we haven’t thrown the ball by the time the receiver gets directly in front of the quarterback move on to your next read.
  2. A (X on PS4) If the slant route is covered odds are a linebacker is doing it. So even though he’s covered the slant is preventing the linebacker from playing any deeper routes -so we can now isolate the 2 streaks on the safeties. The only thing we have to check for now is if the Tight end has a safety playing over top of him to his right (Cover 2 and 4). If he doesn’t (Cover 3) lead pass to the right.
  3. RB’s (R1 on PS4) streak benefits from the same thing. If he has a safety to his right (Cover 3 and 4) move on, if he doesn’t (Cover 2) bullet pass it to the inside.
  4. Y’s (Triangle on PS4) job vs man defense is the same vs zone .To remove his defender from the play, and he’s only an option on plays where the flats are left open… I.E. zone blitzes.
  5. X (Square on PS4) runs a comeback route that teamed up the Y receiver’s flat route, beats every basic zone coverage known to man.


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