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Madden 16 Tips: Shotgun Tight Doubles On – Cross Wheels


Here is a play I have been running online with much success out of the Houston Playbook. With one simple adjustment you will have several receivers open versus man and zone defense in Madden 16. Watch the video and checkout the play breakdown below.

Playbook: Houston Texans, Browns, and Texans

Formation: Shotgun Tight Doubles On

Play: Cross Wheels

Madden_16_tips_cross wheels


Cross Wheels is a great play because it gives you various options vs man and zone with minimal hot routes necessary, allowing you to get to the line and run the play quickly. The TE consistently beats man and will be open underneath zones so will always be an option unless manually covered. The TE effectively clears out space for the post route (B/Circle) right behind it. If your opponent does not cover the left hook/curl area the X/Square WR running fade route will be open as well. You want your best WR at the Y/Triangle and your fastest WR at the B/Circle position. This will give you the opportunity to have one on one deep with our best WR versus various coverages.


  1. Hot route your Y/Triangle receiver to a streak
  2. (Optional) Motion the X/Square WR to the left and hike.

Reads vs Man:

The Tight End should consistently be open vs man coverage.
  1. Reading the defense from left to right. Against man to man defense, your A/X tight end on the crossing route on the route will be open
  2. If that is manually covered then look to the outside B/Circle receiver running the post who should beat his man as well. Throwing a bullet pass to the inside will lead him away from his man.
  3. Versus 1 high safety man coverage the running back in the flat has the potential to be open as well as underneath routes.

Reads vs Zone:

The streak and crossing route by the TE will create space leaving the post open vs zone coverage.
  1. Reading the defense from left to right. Against zone defense, your A/X tight end on the crossing route on the route will be open underneath zones.
  2. Wait until the TE and streak clears and the post will be open as well, over the linebackers and in front of the safeties.
  3. You can also quickly throw the fade route vs any zone that does not cover the hook to curl area.


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