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Madden 16 Tips: Singleback Y Trips – Slot Spot


Bringing you our latest Madden 16 Tips we are going to show you an old reliable with a new twist. Slot Spot gives you multiple options on every play. Checkout the video and detailed breakdown below.

Playbook: Pittsburgh, Chicago, Detroit and Arizona

Formation: Singleback Y/Z Trips

Play: Y Trail- Slot Spot

Analysis: You run Slot Spot to create a hi lo read on an underneath defender, meaning if he covers a deep route the short is open and  if he covers short the deep is open exposing  any base zones coverage scheme

  1. Hot route RB(R1 on PS4)on a flat route
  2. Hot route Y(Triangle on PS4) to an option route

Your reads are going to be RB, B, A,Y and your last read will be depending on the coverage, if its zone B again and if it’s man look to X.

Reads vs Man:

  1. RB (R1 on PS4) is a decoy vs man defense….
  2. B (Circle on PS4) you lead inside once he makes his break and vs bump and run specifically, you only consider throwing to him if he has a quick release off this line, because sometimes the receivers gets jammed and its best to move on to your next read when that happens.
  3. A (X on PS4) you can attempt the back shoulder throw like in my last video by holding down the LT button once the defender turns to run throwing it behind the receiver.
  4. Y (Triangle on PS4) will run an up and out route vs man coverage, so you wait until he breaks for the sidelines to throw it, but before the defender has time to react to his move.
  5. X (Square on PS4) Once he makes his cut lead pass to the sidelines for the pitch and catch

Reads vs Zone:

  1. RB (R1 on PS4) He forces the defense to cover the flats with a defender and if they don’t it’s an easy dump off
  2. B (Circle on PS4) If the window is open for B, throw a regular bullet pass that you can either hold x to try and gain more yards after the catch or A to activate the possession catch to prevent the receiver from getting hit.
  3. A (X on PS4) needs the running backs curl route to get the linebacker to bite u, opening up space for the tight end between the safeties in Cover 2 and in front of the deep safety in Cover 3. Cover 4 is the only one that can stop the tight end thou, because of how close the 2 safeties are to the middle of the field.
  4. Y (Triangle on PS4) is open if the TE leads the underneath defender up the field,
  5. B (Circle on PS4) If the running backs route occupies the underneath defender, the B receiver can sneak behind the coverage exposing the gap in the zone defense.


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