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Madden 16 Tips: Strong Twins Over Scheme

Today’s Madden 16 Tips are a run heavy four play scheme that’s pretty hard to stop out of the Strong Twins Over formation. What makes this formation a pain to defend is you can outflank the defense to the right in the run game with the slot receiver, if they leave a defender on the empty side to guard any runs backside. In addition, the Tight end and Left tackle switch spots so you have improved blocking on your runs to the right.

Playbook: St Louis Rams

Formation: Strong Twins Over

Plays: Inside Zone Lead, Power O, Inside Zone Split and Rollout Smash


Analysis:  Personnel wise, you want to replace the slot receiver with your best blocking Tight end (because the slot receiver is going to have situations where he might have to block strong safeties or linebackers and that’s not going to end well if u got a wide receiver over there), but if your best blocking tight end is your #1, you first sub in the fastest of your remaining tight ends first, then it will let you move your #1 Tight end into the slot.

LT covered

The first 3 plays I will show you are the runs: Inside Zone Lead, Power 0 and Inside Zone Split. The first 2 you want to run when the defense has a free defender guarding the left side edge, and deciding which run to pick is dependent on whether the Left tackle has a defender over him or not. What happens is if the defense leaves a guy on the left, the defense now has to account for the slot receiver on the right: sometimes with a corner, safety or a guy who was on the line of scrimmage, thus leaving the Left tackle with nobody to guard. That’s when you want to make good use of Inside Zone Lead, as it allows the unblocked linemen to reach the 2nd level and hopefully clear a path for the runningback.

LT not covered

Next is the Power O, which you want to run when the Left Tackle has a defender over him. Ideally, you want him to push his guy inside so the Left guard and Fullback can loop around, but as long as he holds his ground your good.

Lastly, is Inside Zone Split that you can run when the defense leaves the left side empty –signaling 2 Man Under, Cover 2 or all out man blitz. It develops like a stretch play with the fullback blocking the backside defender and you can get a consistent 4-5 yard gain.

The passing play to keep them from sitting on your run game is Rollout Smash.


  1. Crash O line right
  2. X Receiver (Square on PS4) on a slant
  3. B Receiver(Circle on PS4) on a streak
  4. RB(R1 on PS4) on a flat route

You’re creating a 3 level route concept towards the sidelines that exploits zone coverage and can beat man with the backside slant route and post corner route. Your reads are going to be X, A and then RB for the dump off, with B as the clear out route and as a quick pass if you catch your opponent run committing.Madden16_Rollout_Smash_Playart

NOTE:  You don’t have to stay still once the roll out is finished; you can continue to the sidelines to get a better angle on the post corner

Reads vs Man:

  1. X runs a footrace to the sidelines with his defender, so the faster the tight end, the better chance he has to get open.
  2. Once A makes his break outside throw a bullet to the right while holding left trigger to activate the low throw.

Reads vs Zone:

  1. X’s job is to keep the hook zones honest, since he passes through multiple zones he needs to prevent any defender from leaving their spot to defend the post corner or else he’s open.
  2. A with the help of X holding the underneath coverage and B running off the corner will either be wide open vs cover 3 for the sideline catch or 1 on 1 versus a safety with nothing but the sidelines in cover 4. Cover 2 is the only coverage that can contain A’s route without making adjustments, because of the cornerback dropping underneath, but that will open up the flat route for RB.


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