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Madden 16 Top 10 Behind the Scenes New Features and Improvements


Here are 10 Brand new behind the scenes features and improvements in Madden NFL 16 that I was told by the developers at Tiburon. These features might not make any lists or interviews but it is confirmed they are in the game!

#1. CPU Air Supremacy

The “Air Supremacy” new WR/DB interactions: Aggressive, Possession or RAC (run after the catch) catches that give you options on the type of catch you use.  But what most don’t know is that if you don’t choose any catch the cpu choose it for you based upon best catch solution and player ratings. So those people out there who don’t user catch don’t need to worry.

#2. Quarterback AI 

There is now more of a difference between good qbs vs bad qbs. We have been doing this ourselves by lowering the passing accuracy in our league so it’s great for devs to see that and make the change from the ground floor up.

#3. Offensive players staying in bounds

Now players will turn up the field when catching a pass near the sidelines instead of running out of bounds. No more catching the ball near the sideline then watching the runner step out. WRs and backs out the backfield alike are more aware of the sidelines so they will catch the ball and prevent their momentum from carrying them out immediately.

#4. Secondary Tuning 

Corners sitting in deep zones will now play the ball more realistically. No more cover 3 CB jumping passes in the middle of the field.  DBs will still have awareness and cover WRs in their zones but they have toned down the “super leaping” INTs in Madden 15 where DBs would leave their zones and make spectacular picks.

#5. Face Catching

Can now be defended with the DB swat and playing the WR. Switching to the defender and playing the WR will drive you towards him and knock the ball out at the catch point.

#6. CB positioning

corners now have make better position in deep zones so they will not always give up the easy inside pass to the WR. This also will help stop Face catching, no longer will all zones give up the inside leverage vs WRs.

#7. Defensive AI

Improved adaptive defensive AI “money plays” of the past like strong power or trap will be adjusted to by defenders if repeated called. I was told that if someone continued to run the same plays the defensive would adjust and do a better job of defending it. This doesn’t mean you can call the same defense every play but it should force your opponent to mix it up more!

#8. New Defensive Formations

Brand new defensive formations like Nickle/Dime AGAP have been added to the game.  On the defensive side they have added plays as well as hundreds of new plays on offense.

#9. Draft Champion Playbooks

In Draft champions your coach choice will influence the base team created for you by the game and also determine your playbook. You choose a power run coach your offensive base team guys will most like be power run based players. You choose a defensive zone coach expect to have a team based upon strong zone defenders.

#10. Draft Champion Player Database

The draft champion player database will continue to get updated with new cards as the year progresses. Share the same Database will there be MUT rewards in Draft champions? We don’t know yet but that would be a cool tie in.

That’s it, as always we will have all of the latest Madden 16 news, info and tips here at Sports Gamers Online.

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