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Madden 16 Top 5 Teams to FALL OFF

You have seen my Up and Coming teams for Madden 16, but some teams just weren’t so lucky this off-season. Here is my Top 5 Teams that could fall off in Madden 16

The number 5 team is the Denver BroncosPeyton Manning is old and practically a statue in the pocket. Unlike real life, he needs good protection to be effective and all the Broncos did was get rid of his left guard, center and traded his right guard.  So, if you’re a Denver user and play against a team with more than one pass rusher, the Brock Osweiler era might start sooner than you think. They also didn’t resign one of their top weapons and one of the best tight ends in the league in Julius Thomas. He’s a poor man’s Jimmy Graham……yea he can’t block either, but that speed and height combined with the ability to make every catch is what makes him so dominant. Lastly, Big Terrance Knighton leaves to go to Washington, leaving a big void in the middle of the Broncos defense. Weakening their run defense and hurting their pass rush, because without Knighton you can have all the pass rushers in the world but it means very little if all they do is run on you.

The number 4 team is the New Orleans Saints
     This off-season the New Orleans Saints traded the 2nd best tight end in football to the best team in their own conference…….
The number 3 team is the Detroit Lions
As long as Calvin Johnson can make ridiculous catches look routing the Lions will always be a popular team on some level, but they got hit hard in free agency too. Reggie Bush went back to California to play for the 49ers, so you’re already missing the only speed back the Lions had. They also lose two of the best defensive tackles in the league in Suh and Nick Fairley. Detroit did trade for Haloti Ngata, so it’s not as bad as it could have been
The number 2 team is the New England Patriots
I know you’re like really the Patriots? Well Bill Belichick or their coach is in Madden gets no love around these parts. The main difference between past Patriots teams and this year was their cornerback play. The owned the best cornerback in the league (depending on who you ask) and the 6-4 Browner on the other side. That combo was very rare to just let go of. Not to mention this year their best cornerback could be Bradley “Toast” Fletcher.
And The number 1 team… all know who it is The San Francisco 49ers
       What an off-season right? It got to the point where it seemed like the 9ers were inventing ways to lose people. Frank Gore who has been the rock of one of the top rushing attacks of one of the best teams in Madden the last 3 years left for Indy. San Fran loses 2 of their top linemen and run blockers in Mike Iupati and Anthony Davis, and both starting cornerbacks Chris Culliver and Parrish Cox also leave in free agency. Justin Smith retired, who despite being kind of well slow would still live in your backfield constantly, Arik Armstead you got your work cut out for you buddy. But, the biggest loss of them all was Patrick Willis. We’ve all been massacred by Pat Willis at least once in our Madden career and despite all the new linebackers coming into Madden every year; he has still been one of the best. Let’s have a moment of silence for the San Francisco 49ers everybody (Madden 13-15)


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