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Madden 17 Connected Franchise Wishlist

Chemistry Broken Down

Chemistry will be broken down into several specific parts and divided by the
groups on your team. Offensive line will have chemistry with each other, D-line
together, secondary; linebackers, and lastly a QB will have chemistry individually
to each WR.

The idea to have a deeper dive into CFM can be accomplished here. Who is
going to create the next Legion of Boom? Who will create the next Steel Curtain?
All these are possible with the implementation of allowing teams to organically
create and develop players to have chemistry with each other; a team that each
players strengths is his counterparts weaknesses. This creates a true team
building experience in the ultimate team building sport of football.


Every NFL player has their own personality. It’s time to make this “personality”
trait that has been in Madden more organic and actually mean something
now. Personality has been a feature in madden for several seasons, restricted
primarily to the selling of jerseys and things similar, but that’s really where it


Morale is something that was again in previous Madden games had but is no longer
available and we feel goes hand in hand with personality. A team, and a player
more specifically, will have higher morale because of several conditions. Teams
that are performing well, utilizing the player, and a player that is playing under his
scheme will attribute to players morale. Morale will contribute to a player’s happiness towards the team, ultimately linking to our central concept of
team chemistry.

This player now with high morale would have added chemistry with the team
because they are happy to be there, and playing in a scheme they know. Also,
contract negotiating would be slightly easier because they want to be on this
team. On the flip side, a player with low morale would have the opportunity and
possibility to hold out, or decline contract negotiations because they don’t want to
be on the team.

Contract Overhaul

While we are on the topic of contracts, this is a feature that really consistently
gets no love because it is pretty cut and dry. Previously in Madden owners could
decide to front or backload contracts, but unfortunately it is not an option for
owners anymore. Additionally, something we think should be implemented is the
ability to renegotiate contracts. Aging players who have declined in productivity
should be able to renegotiate to take a pay cut to remain on the team. This is
something used in the NFL today and should be able to use in madden as well.

Free Agency Changes and Additions

Over the past few Madden games, FA has seen a few major changes and some not so
major ones. But ultimately there has always been one main thing in common: FA
in Madden has really always been about offering the most money/years and
praying. We’d like to see a deeper dive into FA going forward. NCAA Football
recruiting is a great place to look at for a blueprint. You should be able to give
pitches to FA’s in an attempt to sway their choice. That pitch should be based off
what’s important to the FA (winning, scheme, starting, location, etc.). If you make
a pitch and don’t hold up to the pitch then the penalty can be a decreased
interest from other FA’s in the future, or a holdout (If you incorporate that
previous suggestion).

Also you should be able to queue guys in FA. If I need a LT, I should be able to
offer three guys a contract but only sign one. Some sort of FA planning that says
“LT: Need 3 Order: 1, 2, 3; Number to sign: 1” This would let me offer three guys
and only sign one. Who I sign is based on who are willing to accept, and then my
preference of those who will accept.

Head Coach

Madden has always neglected one of the most important aspect of a NFL team,
the head coach. A coach is the building block and most central part of your team
chemistry. Every coach has their own scheme that should tie directly into the
chemistry of your team. Certain players and coaches simply just don’t work
together. Furthermore, coach challenges should be more in depth and allow for
the user to determine what they are challenging. It doesn’t happen too often, but
there is times in Madden where when I challenge a call, it does not challenge
what I want. The option to choose specifically “Challenge catch” or “Challenge
spot” would be a huge addition that would avoid all challenge problems.


Assistant coaches need to play a bigger role in CFM. What I mean by this is
incorporate offensive and defensive coordinators. They should have some kind of
the effect like the head coaches. When a new offensive or defensive coordinator
comes in, they can completely change the style of offense. Depending on the
success of the offense or defense, coordinators should be able to be promoted to
head coach or test the waters and see if another team is interested in their
services whether it’s as a coordinator or head coach. Take for example the real
life New York Giants and Ben Mcadoo. He came to New York and completely
changed the style of offense. It took a year or two but the offense regained
chemistry under this new system. And now, he is promoted to the head coach.
This could only have boosted morale and chemistry in the locker room as
someone who they have now worked under for two seasons is the head coach of
the team and they will continue to use the same system.

Stayed tuned for our Madden 17 Gameplay Wishlist coming soon! If you have any Madden 17 Connected Franchise improvements you would like to add let us know on social media or in the comments below.

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