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Madden 17 Franchise – Play the Moments Walkthrough

For those who are pressed for time, want to speed through a few Madden 17 seasons, or are only interested in the most important and exciting moments in a game, this is for you. Jump in to the action right when it matters, and make that critical play, then sit back and simulate to the next one.

Play the Moments

Before you take to the field, you choose how you want to play the game. The options are; Play the Moments, Offense Only, Defense Only, or play the full game. Offense Only and Defence Only allow you to choose to play only one side of the ball, while choosing Full Game obviously lets you play the whole thing. If you choose Play the Moments the game will simulate until it detects a key moment, then prompt you. It’s up to you whether you play that moment or skip it.

Simulation Speed

By default, when you’re simming, you can follow the action using the normal play-by play option. The game will go by with some speed but you will still know exactly what’s going on. Beyond this, there are two other speeds you can use when simming. The fast option allows you to jump quickly to the next moment, while the final speed is slow, and it was actually requested by the community. If you select this you can watch the game in real time, with the real camera, but not being able to directly impact the action. Just like a real coach.

Super Sim

The Super Sim engine has been adjusted this year to ensure that no matter the quarter length you choose, it will balance itself to be close to the 120 plays per game average in the NFL. This means that players who chose to use Play the Moment will not see their stats unbalanced in comparison to the rest of the league.

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