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Madden 17 In-Depth Feature and Trailer Analysis

Madden 17 In-Depth Feature and Trailer Analysis
Madden season is officially upon us! Rob Gronkowski was announced as the cover athlete, and EA Tiburon released the first trailer of the game, along with a blog detailing what to expect come August. So naturally, it’s time to dust off the old analysis machine and do what I do best: analyze any snippet of gameplay down to the last pixel. So check the video out for a more detailed examination or read below for my general findings.

Too Long Didn’t Watch:

  • Lineman still engage in overly long scripted animation sequences, where a player’s upper body and lower body DO NOT work independently from one another
  • Special Teams play can not be improved solely through new trick plays, a new kick meter, or “icing the kicker”. Special teams is predicated on line interaction, and if that remains essentially the same, special teams will remain….not very special
  • A tiered system of special moves will surely differentiate between backs, BUT will these moves prove effective? Special moves in Madden 17 must allow the player to more easily maneuver past defenders. This remains to be seen, but the evidence here is very encouraging

Check back on my channel for more meticulous Madden coverage and analysis.

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