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Madden 17 Increases Accessibility, Offers Color Blind Support

madden 17 accessibility improvements

In a new blog post, EA has detailed how they’re improving the accessibility with Madden 17 to better allow for more players to better experience the game. Perhaps one of the most important additions is the addition of colorblind support, which will be done through the use of filters.

There are a number of other important improves to increase accessibility also, like the option to enlarge on-field graphics. That option will make the icons appearing on the field about twice as large, according to the blog. This one should be a great addition for those who have problems with vision. The blog post notes that enlarged graphics make the game easier to play from the couch.

For the colorblind support, the team behind Madden 17 estimates that half a million players are colorblind, which creates a problem with menus and some of the art in the game. Naturally, they decided to fix that, and they did so by using filters. Red, green, blue weak colorblindness have all been tested, with “great results”.

Finally, they’re also improving their options when it comes to brightness and contrast controls. Madden 17 will offer 5 levels of brightness, which you can see in the screenshot from the blog post up top. Contrast will also have 5 levels.

If you’d like to get a better idea as to how Madden 17 is improving accessibility and take a look at some screenshots, check out the blog post on the subject from EA.

In a world where accessibility is becoming more important, it’s great to see Madden 17 making improvements in that area. What do you think of these improvements? Let us know in the comments or on social media, and be sure to stay tuned to SGO for Madden news and tips.

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Larry McDaniel
6 years ago

@ClintOldenburg @EAMaddenNFL colorblind setting is a huge deal. Some games I cant play because of it like older COD

Larry McDaniel
6 years ago

@ClintOldenburg @EAMaddenNFL try using the mini maps on FPS games while colorblind lol. Huge disadvantage.

Larry McDaniel
6 years ago

@ClintOldenburg @EAMaddenNFL playing the snow with white jerseys should automatically get changed also. CFM playoffs = snow.