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Madden 17 Offensive Tips: Gun Bunch Quads Inside Post

Madden 17 offensive tips dak prescott

Today we have one of the best passing plays in Madden NFL 17. The play is out of Shotgun Bunch Quads which is located in the Kansas City, Jaguars and the NY Jets playbooks. Take a look at our breakdown below and detailed video above!

Hot Routes

Y (Triangle on PS4): On a drag
B (or Circle on PS4): On a slant

1st Read:  Y (Triangle on Ps4) 

Versus man and most zone defenses the TE on the drag will either be open or pull coverage down opening things up for the slot WRs route behind him on a later read so you’re still good.

2nd  X (Square on the PS4)

This crossing route beats man coverage, just throw a bullet pass hard and into the inside. Versus Zone the middle zone defender will have to choose between the TE’s drag or the crossing route. If the defense leaves him open hit him quickly or move to the 3rd read.

3rd Read B (or Circle on PS4)

Versus Man the slant will beat off or press man coverage easily leaving the WR open. Against zone either the drag or crossing route will open things up for this slant behind both of them. Sometimes the middle of the field defender will come over to cover this slant and leave the crossing route wide open so make sure you make the proper read.

4th Read RB (R1 on PS4)

Against Man the double move post is usually covered well so I wouldn’t recommend throwing it but vs zone it will be open each time in the area between the linebackers and the safeties.

Versus the Blitz

Hot Routes

Block the TE. This will give you more time versus the blitz.
Streak the X (Square on the PS4)
Put the Circle WR on a slant.
Read the X WR, slant and then double move post.

Be sure to checkout the video above for a more detailed breakdown of the play and subscribe to Sports Gamers Online for all your Madden NFL 17 needs.

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