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Madden 17 Presentation Improvements Include Venue Upgrades, New Cameras

madden 17 presentation

In a blog post on the Madden website, the team has detailed how presentation will be improved in the latest iteration of the franchise. Broadcast Presentation is a big focus in Madden 17, and a few changes have been made to that end.

Stadiums and their jumbotrons will be getting an update to make the game more immersive, giving you a feel closer to that which you’d see on television. With a new lineup introduction, EA says that they’re able to do “things that push the limits of what broadcast wishes it could do.”

Madden 17 will also introduce pylon cameras to the game, to give you a better look at some of the incredible plays you make in the endzone. This addition should bring a higher level of intensity to plays, bringing more depth to the game.

New cameras besides the pylon cameras will also be added in addition to speed ramping, to give you a better look at a great catch. Broadcast graphics will also now appear in replays. Multi-cam will bring more angles into the game so that you can feel closer to the broadcast.

Coaches are also receiving a big upgrade, becoming more dynamic and aware of the action happening on the field. Head coaches will have more of a visual impact in replays as a result, making the game feel much more lifelike.

I’d recommend giving the blog post at the Madden website a read if you want the full details on how presentation is changing this year, but overall, it sounds like there are some interesting changes.

Are you excited for these changes? Let us know in the comments or on social media, and be sure to stay tuned to SGO for more Madden news and tips.

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