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Madden 17 Tips: How to QB Slide

how to slide in madden 17

One of the most careless ways to fumble the ball in Madden 17 is taking unnecessary hits with your Quarterback. QBs never have, and never will have, the protection of a high carry rating, so you never want the Kam Chancellors of the world to even have a chance to hit you.


This is where the quarterback slide comes in handy.


Sure, it’s awfully tempting to keep your head down and run once you’ve pulled a great move on a defender, but don’t be too silly. The quarterback slide gives you a chance to curl up in a safe little ball before any angry defenders have a chance to slam into you.


Using the Left and Right triggers + X on the Xbox One.

L2 + R2 + Square on PlayStation you can perform a Quarterback slide.


Sure it can be awfully tempting to take on the whole defense with your Quarterback, but at the end of the day it’s not worth risking a fumble or even an injury.


So learn how to slide!


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Kwame Settles
5 years ago

@EAMaddenNFL Make sure you master this one @Jayoh30 😉