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Madden NFL Online Teamplay Returns With MUT Squads

MUT Squads

You read that right; in their first developer blog Jake Stein announced that Madden 18 brings back team-play with MUT squads.

MUT Squads

The Producer on Madden Ultimate Team, Jake Stein, opens the blog with a few salutations from the team hard at work before getting down to the details. First and foremost, Stein addressed the “2-6 online competitive multiplayer” rumor as not being a rumor. Team-play has in fact been officially stated to return in Madden 18. Stein then breaks down the specifics on MUT squads as well as how it differs from other iterations of online team-play.

The Specifics
  • You will access MUT squads through the MUT title menu.
  • Squad games will be done on a 3 vs 3 basis.
  • Players will chooses between 3 main roles: Offense Captain, Defense Captain and Head Coach.
  • In addition, each player will have a unique experience with each role.

Here’s what you can expect in each role experience.

Offense Captain
  • You will bring all your offensive/Special Teams MUT lineup, playbook and call every offensive play
  • Control the QB pre-snap and instantly switch to ball carrier if not occupied by another player
  • In addition, you control offensive audibles and adjustments on field
Defense Captain
  • Like the OC, you bring your MUT defensive lineup, playbook and call every defensive play.
  • In addition, you control all defensive adjustments and audibles.
Head Coach
  • You bring in your Head Coach, Stadium and Uniforms for the MUT lineup.
  • In addition, you control penalty decisions and the team’s timeouts.

Stein also notes there will be new mechanics made with MUT squads in mind but will be revealed in a later blog. MUT squads will also be available to play at this years EA Play. Be sure to stay tuned here at Sports Gamers Online for more updates.

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