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Madden 18 Defensive Tackle Ratings Revealed

madden 18 top defensive tackles

Following yesterday’s release of the offensive linemen ratings, we are going to go over the Top 5 rated defensive tackles heading into Madden 18. For a more detailed breakdown of what comprises their overall rating, check out our video above.

  1. Ndamukong Suh
  • 93 Overall
  • 98 Strength
  • 92 Tackle
  • 91 Power Move
  • 89 Block Shed

The highest rated d-tackle sits at 93 and is a boy named Suh. Since coming into the league in 2010, Suh has been a terror stepping on Qb’s legs and occasionally sacking the quarterback. He had a total of 47 sacks in 7 seasons. In Madden 18, he’ll come equipped with the highest strength rating for a defensive tackle at a 98. It is the second highest tackle rating. Furthermore, he has the third best power move rating at a 91 and block shed rating with a 89. Suh is the best among a very good Dolphins defensive line.

  1. Geno Atkins
  • 91 Overall
  • 78 Speed
  • 90 Strength
  • 93 Power Move
  • 83 Tackle

Geno Atkins comes tied for second at a 91 overall. In terms of getting straight numbers from the interior linemen position, Geno is your guy. He’s had 10 or more sacks in multiple seasons and had nine just last year. As a result, his pass rushing prowess and power move rests at 93. That will make him tied for the highest at his position. Lastly, he’ll have speed at 73.

  1. Fletcher Cox
  • 91 Overall
  • 80 Speed
  • 89 Strength
  • 85 Block Shed
  • 93 Power Move

Also coming in at a 91 is Fletcher Cox. Cox is the second fastest defensive tackle in the game with 80 speed. He’s also tied for the highest power move rating with Geno Atkins. In addition, he has the second best tackle rating at a 92. When you consider he’s on the same d line as 95 Overall Brandon Graham and Timmy Jernigan…it’s going down!!

  1. Gerald McCoy
  • 90 Overall
  • 92 Strength
  • 92 Power Move
  • 89 Tackle
  • 78 Block Shed

At number 4 is Gerald McCoy at a 90 overalll. He’s been pretty consistent the last 4 seasons, having a minimum of seven sacks a piece. His 92 power move is the second best at his position and combined with 92 strength makes him a mismatch every play.

  1. Damon “Snacks” Harrison
  • 89 Overall
  • 94 Block Shed
  • 92 Pursuit
  • 94 Tackle
  • 93 Strength

Last but not least, is Damon Harrison.  Now he’s a pure run stopper with the highest block shed rating by 4 points, 92 pursuit, 94 tackle and 93 strength. Just put him in the middle of your defense and watch him blow up runs consistently. Sadly, he was worth the money for the Giants.

Rookie Watch

Solomon Thomas

The top rookie D Tackle Solomon Thomas starts with a 79 Overall. However, he has the fastest speed for a defensive tackle in Madden 18 with an 83. He sports 91 strength, the highest finesse move rating of an 83 and 80 block shed. You could move him to d end and he’ll still ball because his stats are that good. Like I said before, he’s going to have a similar impact as Joey Bosa did this Madden especially after looking over his numbers.

Alright Sports Gamers, do you agree with the ratings they have for the defensive tackle for Madden 18? Leave it in the comments down below. Check back here daily for more Madden 18 news here at Sports Gamers Online.

Madden 18 is available on August 17, 2017 on EA Early Access. It will be August 22 for those who pre ordered and August 25 for its official release. It will be available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And if you’re not sure which version you should guy, we got you covered.


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