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What to Expect From Madden 18 At E3

madden 18

As E3 approaches, we all eagerly await news and information from our favorite franchises and titles.

Electronic Arts will be there in full force this year with the latest on their upcoming sports titles. With Madden making the jump to the Frostbite engine, one can assume big changes are on the horizon. Most of what’s shown will be at their EA Play event taking place prior to E3.

Here are a few things you can expect from Madden 18.


First and foremost will be the introduction of new graphics, visuals and animations. Madden 18 will run on the Frostbite engine. This means we can expect, to an extent, the amount of detail and attention given to character models on the field will also be given to stadiums and surrounding environments. Frostbite has powered some of EA’s biggest titles like Battlefield 1 and Mass Effect: Andromeda. These games feature expansive and quality environments; all that power now runs Madden 18.


Each Madden tends to focus on a particular portion of the ball. In 2015, it was all about making defense fun, 2016 brought power to the pass game and last year touched all three phases: offense, defense and special teams. With all bases covered, Madden 18 will of course polish what’s already there but this year, with the inclusion of Frostbite, will likely focus on authenticity. Player experience on the ball is key to making a long lasting football game. Having the mechanics set as well as the visual presentation to usher a true NFL experience will likely be what puts this year’s game over.

Story Mode

Following FIFA’s The Journey mode, Madden 18 can be expected to have some type of story based career mode. We’ve seen how well the Frostbite engine can handle cinematic events (Mass Effect, Mirror’s Edge); a rags-to-riches sports drama in Madden 18 is highly probable. One might expect a throwback to games like Madden 2008 where players go from the NCAA to a high profile NFL career to the hall of fame.

Online Team Play

3 on 3 online team play has been heavily rumored to make a return in Madden 18. Hopefully this feature will is playable so we will get some hands on gameplay of this at EA Play.

The Basics

These small things might be obvious but if they go untouched, they’re highly noticeable. In Madden 18, we can certainly expect an upgraded and authentic AI on the field. Commentary can be assumed to have significant improvements as well to keep the experience consistent with TV. In addition, roster updates, trades, relocations and injuries of course will be updated.

Not to Mention…

If you take the time to track all rumors and trailer bites, I’m sure you can find a host of things to consider for Madden 18.

From revamped online features, expanded user-interface, game modes and the rumored Play Now Live mode, there is no doubt a myriad of reasons to have your eyes on this year’s game. We certainly will so be sure to stay up to date on Sports Gamers Online.


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