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Madden 18: Which Game Style is Right for you?

Madden 18 Game Styles

It’s no secret that there are different types of Madden players out there.

We have the casuals who just want to load up, play a quick game and move on; the more serious players who want that realistic feel, but don’t want it too over-the-top; and the players that want their skills on the sticks to determine how the game plays out rather than the logic programmed into the game.

With these types of players in mind, the developers at EA Sports have instituted game styles into Madden 18 to allow players to choose how they want the game to feel to them.

The three styles — Arcade, Simulation and Competitive — all have various features that you can see below in order to get an idea of what you may enjoy.


  • User-controlled pass rushers frequently beat their blocks
  • User Hit Sticks and Strip-ball attempts will be highly successful
  • Spectacular catches occur frequently, especially by elite players
  • Broken tackles and ball carrier fake-outs are commonplace
  • Chance of throwing interceptions as a user is lower
  • Can kick longer field goals and there’s higher chance to block kicks when on defense.


  • Expect the unexpected – even highly-rated players have a slim chance of failure on occasion
  • Injuries and penalties occur at a rate on par with real-world NFL statistics and data
  • Players with elite ratings will be successful far more often than those with ratings below the elite level
  • New pass inaccuracy system allows more realistic performances from lower-rated quarterbacks
  • Fatigue and stamina have bigger impacts on gameplay.


  • Going for an interception with a wide open defensive player who has a good catch rating leads to a significantly-lower chance of them dropping the ball
  • Throwing from a clean pocket with the QB’s feet set reduces the chance of an inaccurate pass, providing they have a good pass accuracy rating based on the throw type and that you’re not using any passing mechanics
  • There’s a significantly lower chance of a dropped catch when a receiver is considered wide open and has a good catch rating
  • There’s a decreased chance of offensive wins in multiplayer catch outcomes, such as throwing to covered receiver
  • Only AI players with the big hitter trait can hit stick.

All have their own strengths and weaknesses, it’s just up to you to decide what you like best. But what is the best game style for you? Check out the video above for a full breakdown on the different styles

Madden 18 launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 on August 25th. Those who pre-order the G.O.A.T. Edition of the game can get access three-days early on August 22.

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