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Madden 18 Gameplay Wishlist – Part 2


Welcome back Sports Gamers, it’s The Natural and WE ARE BACK with part 2 of our Madden NFL 18 gameplay wishlist. Although some details have been released here are a few gameplay improvements and additions we would still like to see in this years game. so smash that like button and lets go.

Before we get started, be sure to check out part one of our wishlist.

More Special Teams and Trick Plays

First thing I want to see added is a variety to the play types in Special Teams and trick plays in the game. If I wanted to re-create the Music City Miracle, I can’t do that in Madden right now or even the hook and ladder play that we see teams whip out towards the end of games. Reverses, Double Reverses, etc.. EA has fixed the kick return blocking so you’re not taking back one a game, so give us more tools in the toolbox instead!

There needs to be a Mechanic for Punt Coverage Team to track and down balls.

To build off the previous special teams request, how about an animation for the punt coverage guys to actually track and down the ball or swat it back into the field of play. As of right now, we have to outright catch it and hope it doesn’t bounce off of us when we do to get a good spot or leave it up to the EA gods to not let it roll into the end zone. Just treat it like the quarterback just threw a deep ball and give the punt coverage guys the A.I. of the defenders, is that too hard?

Faster Break Tackle animations

Next are quicker animations to take advantage of the fact you’re breaking a tackle before another defender gets to you. Now I don’t mean like in Madden 25 where you could truck stick guys without losing speed, but you know…I just don’t want it where you pull off a smooth stiff arm or truck and your like cool but he takes so long to regather himself another defender is tackling you before you finish.

I don’t think anyone is a fan of the special moves this year so lets scrap them and add in some newer quicker animations that put control back into the players hands. No one likes being stuck in a tackle animation when they should be going down the sidelines for a TD!

There needs to be More Ball Carrier Animations.

I would like more ball carrier animations like jump cuts, hard plants, chopping the feet, and animations that differentiate runners from one another. LeSean McCoy runs completely different than Eddie Lacy. There are Qb throwing styles in the game,it’s time they added in running style as well.

Additional Catch Animations

In real life, I see receivers that body catch and at times double catch or bobble passes. Perhaps there could be a trait tied to animations that differentiates receivers who catch with their hands and with their body.

It’s something to make receivers feel that much more unique, like ask Cowboy fans about Terrence Williams and his body catching. Since body catching is his preferred method it leads to a lot of spectacular catches but also get the ball easily knocked away when he has to fight for a contested catch.

Expanded Audible Wheel

It’s about time we add more audibles again. When going through audibles we should have more options of the types of plays we can do.

The standard 4 are good but how about a set of audibles all designed for the run and the same for the pass. Like the run audibles consist of a inside run, counter, stretch and toss and for the pass they give you a quick pass, play action screen and five-step drop. Also the DEFENSE needs to have it’s full playbook available in hurry up situations.

Need to Fix the Deep Zones

Currently, cover 3 and cover 4 can get you smoke vs Fast receivers even if you are playing off coverage. Even in Cover 2 man once the corner gets beat the safety does not always bracket the WR effectively leaving the corner exposed. A perfect example of this is Problem’s game-winning touchdown vs SeriousMoe in the Madden championships….something that would not happen on an NFL Field.

The corner plays under the receiver and it was the safeties responsibility to take away the deep ball there. In Zone When playing back and over top the corners should stay in that position. The same way when I’m shading inside or outside. Madden needs to be more of a strategy chess match. The offense should only be able to take what you give them!

A quick reminder: with EA Play right around the corner, SGO will be bringing you more gameplay and content from Madden 18!

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