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Madden 18 Guide: What You Need To Know To Master The Gridiron

Madden 18

With the Christmas season in the rear-view mirror, no doubt many will be joining the Madden 18 community. Madden is one of Electronic Arts’ long running sports franchises.

Mastering the mechanics of Madden 18 can be a daunting task. However, don’t fret. Sports Gamers Online has a few quick guides to help get you fit for the gridiron.

Madden 18 Guide: Mastering the Gridiron

Informational How-To’s

Whether you’re going head-to-head with a buddy or taking it solo in the Franchise Mode, you’ll want to know how to man your team from the Quarterback position. Our video on navigating the pocket will help you refine yours skills and keep your QB safe. Learn how to avoid sacks and own the backfield with ease.

The ability to adjust on the fly is essential to an effective offensive. If you prefer a hybrid Quarterback in addition to a speed Halfback, then you need the Read Option. Watch the How to Run the Read Option video to learn the skills necessary to control the chain movement.

Even if you’ve kept up with the latest Maddens, going from 17 to 18 still requires a small adjustment period. If you hadn’t noticed, the introduction of Target Passing has flipped a few offensive controls. Our video on how to Playmaker in Madden 18 should get you all caught up.

And while you’re at it, be sure to go ahead and master the art of Target Passing. Learn how to set yourself up for success before and post snap with the Madden 18 Target Passing tips video. Furthermore, if the basics come easy, take a look at the advanced controls and tactics for Target Passing.

True Masters Never Stop Learning

Even a veteran offense may find themselves lacking against a well seasoned defense. If you catch yourself getting hit with the blitz, be sure to catch our video on IDing the Mike. Getting the hang of this will have you setting up your pass protection effectively with ease.

Getting the hang of the basics is just the first step. Every seasoned Madden player knows no play fits all. To truly be a master, you’ll need to know the ins and outs of your strategy and the opposition’s. Our tips and mastering videos include topics like mastering Special Moves and the running game as well as avoiding the blitz and optimizing your rosters in Franchise Mode.

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